Our professional
end to end services

Amazon enhanced brand content (A+)
Our experts are trained to create enhanced brand content on Amazon sellers central and A+ content on Amazon vendors central.
Marketplace listing creation
Servwize can collaborate with you to set up your ecommerce store via Amazon, ebay & shopify marketplaces. Our experts can create consumer friendly stores & listings.
Customer management
Dramatically fabricate an expanded array of niche markets through robust product services.
Order process management
Efficient & timely order processing is essential for any e-commerce business, let us take care of your daily order processing, pick list preparation, shipping label creation & order status check.
Stock management
We can offer a range of value added stock management services – accurate inventory levels, minimum stock notification & timely updation of marketplaces to avoid overselling.
Returns & refunds
Do you know your customers have a minimum of 30 days return period? we can support throughout the return cycle leading to timely refunds or replacements.

E-commerce services.

E-commerce product listing
Servwize can collaborate with you to set up your e-commerce store via Amazon/Ebay marketplace. Our experts can create consumer friendly store & listings.
Magento data entry
We offer efficient end-to-end Magento solutions, such as product upload services, category management, inventory management, image editing etc.
Back office support
E-commerce back office support is needed to run an E-commerce store successfully. We, at Servwize,
provide a wide range of E-commerce back office support services.
Product description
Unique and detailed product description is vital for sales conversion. We at servwize can offer quality content creation for your products.
Catalog updating
Information that does not hold any relevance in the present time should be regularly revised and updated. An online catalog should be consistently updated.
Product image editing
Our team of image editors have unparalleled expertise in dealing with commercial images and can offer customized solutions as per your requirement.

We offer industry leading
Social media & S.E.O solutions.

Servwize offers a wide array of social media solutions for small and mid-sized online and offline businesses. All our solutions are tailored to meet the varied requirements of our clients. We have helped many businesses owners run their stores successfully. Our services focus on:

  • Media management
  • Media advertisement
  • S.E.O optimization
  • P.P.C management
  • Email marketing
  • Content marketing
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Our Social Media Marketing Services help your business grow brand awareness and website traffic.
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Higher search engine rankings, quality traffic & Measurable results.
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Our agency’s email marketing services help you speed up your sales cycle.

Photo editing

We provide a wide spectrum of photo editing services such as image enhancement, panorama creation, color correction, logo design, packaging design & much more.
Man editing photos on a computer

Web development

Our well experienced web developers have a keen eye for perfection, with our services we can guarantee you the best solutions at hand.
Close-up image of programmer working at his desk in office

UX/UI design

We bring human centered design for digital tools to help empower and ease the process for your business needs.
Developer following scheme when programming at his workplace

Servwize data services

We at Servwize, believe in offering high-quality data entry outsourcing services. Our experienced, skilled data entry experts make sure that there is no error in input process and data configuration. Servwize provides unmatched, on-time, and competitively-priced data entry outsourcing services to its global clients.
Data Entry
Servwize has experienced data entry experts who work for a wide range of industries, including lifestyle & apparel, electronics, computers, education and more.
Mailing list compilation
A database of verified, updated mail addresses a great tool for every marketer. Our list compilation services will fuel your marketing efforts and increase your ROI.
Data cleansing
As the business world is changing rapidly, B2B databases decay. To avoid the case of data decay, you need data cleansing services if you want your data to be dependable.
PDF conversion
You can outsource a wide range of PDF conversions, such as GIF to PDF, Microfiche to PDF, Paper to PDF, PDF to SGML, Postscript to PDF, TIFF to PDF, and more.
Word formatting
Sevwize has a team of well versed Microsoft experts. Microsoft Word formatting not only improves the look of your documents, but also makes them easy-to- read.
Excel outsourcing
Microsoft Excel outsourcing is getting tasks done by an offshore company. This not only gets the numbers right, but also reduces operating cost in your organization.

Book keeping
services by Servwize

Small business accounting
Our experienced team takes pride in providing efficient yet highly expert accounting services, be it a small or a large business, we provide a timely response.
Book keeping
We provide expert services to all the CPA firms as well as small, medium and large businesses can take the benefit of this innovative business strategy.
Bank reconciliation
Our accounts professionals ensure the balances in your accounting records tally the corresponding information on your bank statement.
Accounts receivable/payable
We ensure you of our efficiency and professionalism. Our specialists keep track of your company’s debtors and creditors and provide financial reports.
Income statement & balance sheet
Our experts can allow you to take ease when it comes to your business’ income statement & balance sheets, Our expertise helps you to manage your cash flows.
Book keeping clean up
We make sure your accounting records (book keeping) is accurate so all your activities are correctly identified and categorised.

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      As the pioneer of e-commerce & development solutions, Servwize has dedicated it’s time to creating effective solutions that help new businesses and entrepreneurs put their money to work in the right way.


      If you wish to receive our latest news in your email box, just subscribe to our newsletter. We won’t spam you, we promise!


        As the pioneer of e-commerce & development solutions, Servwize has dedicated it’s time to creating effective solutions that help new businesses and entrepreneurs put their money to work in the right way.